Whether staying in our first-class resort hotel or taking advantage of one of our more economical options, those wishing to stay in The Bay can be assured of a memorable experience featuring some of the finest food and hospitality the area has to offer.

Mariott Weaver Bay

$499 - $999 per night

Features indoor/outdoor pool, two bars, workout gym, four-star restaurant, spacious rooms.

Holiday Inn (North Main St.)

$155 per night

Newly remodeled, all rooms have complimentary soap, and that weird smell is now completely gone!

Motel 5

$75 per night

Essentially this is Weaver Bay's version of a Motel 6, only without showers, plus a nacho bar.

Bronstein's Bungalow
(via AirBnB)

$35 per night 

Features complimentary breakfast of Agnes Bronstien's famous waffles.

Sam's Stick and Sheet

$5 per night  (Very limited availability)

Features terrace dining and complimentary all you can catch seafood buffet.

Citizens of the week

  • Jay Lansing

    Local radio presenter, town crier, and self-proclaimed "Voice of Weaver Bay."

  • Nadia Volkov

    Our local weather girl wins for the 27th week in a row for her city beautification efforts.

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