Scott's Smell of Music

Just because you’re not some famous rock star, doesn’t mean your apartment can’t smell like you are. Come on down to Scott’s Smell of Music where we design, manufacture, and sell the tri-city area’s largest, most unique selection of candles, air fresheners, sprays, and potpourri mixes -- all focused around the enviable lifestyle of the so-called “professional musician.” Our products are perfect for that axe shredder or skin basher in your life whether they’re nostalgic for their days on the tour bus or still dreaming of taking that first step on to the open mic stage. So come on down and smell what Scott's been working on this week. We're in the Galleria Shopping Complex on the Weaver Bay Boardwalk, right next to Bearded Jane Mansfield's Hobo Embassy, Museum, and Cultural Center.

Our New Fall Collection Is Here

This year's collection centers around life on the road with a series of new and refreshing fragrances guaranteed to brighten any room or basement.

  • Tour Bus
  • Overflowing Ashtray
  • Green Room Couch
  • Lead Singer's Girlfriend
  • Dried Vomit in Velvet-Lined Guitar Case
  • Good Exposure

Our Signature Series

Through extensive first-hand research and endless interviews with eye/nose-witnesses, we're proud to bring you our fienest, most-authentic collection of scents to date.

  • Willie Nelson's Jacket
  • Jimi Hendrix's Perm
  • Locomotive Breath
  • Brewer's Musk
  • Yogi Winslow's Beard
  • Jamie Jackson's Finger

Our Top Sellers

Based on sales figures, these are the signature scents that you have named your favorite year after year.

  • Beer Money
  • Caucasian Girl Dreadlocks
  • Bassist Tears
  • Mom's Garage
  • Girl Band Spanks
  • Mystery Condom

Closeout Deals

Yeah, it's so hard to say goodbye, but it's easy to save big on these "last chance to buy" seasonal and discontinued odors.

  • Laundry Pile
  • Melody Inn Troth
  • Sweaty Sound Guy
  • House Show Basement
  • Fast Fret and Swiss Navy Blend
  • Bong Water

Citizens of the week

  • Kent Gooseland

    Our town PR Agent gets a nod for his devotion to promoting all things Weaver Bay.

  • Is it Larry?

    Proprietor of "Weddings with the King" no-frills chappel. But is it really him?

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